The development of smart cities in various regions has become a stimulant for economic development and growth. This is because the development of smart city involves a lot of labor, capital intensive, and also an area of ​​hundreds of hectares. Especially in the concept of a smart city, the creation of an economic base and ecological completeness of the city that can attract the generation of the masses with all its activities is required. For this reason, support is needed in the form of infrastructure development and transportation networks that integrate smart cities with their parent cities.

The development of smart city on a business basis is beneficial because it is a long-term project and can be packaged in any form. Moreover, Indonesia’s geographical conditions also support the development of this, due to the large amount of land available.

PT Amro Asia Pacific is opening a business in this sector. As there is an increasing supply of needs for homes that are still high, we also provide facilities and locations for the creation of an economic base, so that the prosperity of the community can be achieved maximally.



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